Unique Toilet Roll Holders To Liven Up Your Bathroom

Unique Toilet Roll Holders To Liven Up Your Bathroom

Whether you are just looking to replace the boring toilet roll holder that was there when you moved in or you want to add a touch of your own personality to the smallest room in the house, these unique toilet roll holders will help liven up your bathroom no end.

There really is a toilet paper holder here for everybody whether they're into retro, animals or just plain practicality. All of these loo roll holders hold the potential to elicit a chuckle or two and make your guests feel welcome in the smallest room in the house.
Polaroid Camera Toilet Roll Holder

Here's a fun addition to your bathroom for folks that love the retro look and feel of the 80s. This polaroid camera designed for toilet roll tissue lets you get the paper instantly; in a similar way to which the old camera used to.

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Dog's Rear End Toilet Roll Holder

A fun decoration for your bathroom wall for anyone with a certain sense of humour and a great gift idea. This unique toilet paper dispenser is a dog's rear end and is guaranteed to elicit a chuckle.

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Knight Toilet Roll Holder

Who guards your throne room? This knight is hand cast using crushed stone bonded by high quality resin and individually hand painted by artisans. If its good enough for Ed Sheeran then its fine by us.

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Giraffe Toilet Roll Holder

This cute and useful giraffe toilet roll holder also doubles as a kitchen roll holder. Constructed from solid metal, its long necked, free standing design means it can be placed wherever you need it the most.

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Caterpillar Toilet Roll Holder

No need to be bugged out by running out of toilet paper again with this charming caterpillar toilet roll holder, guaranteed to raise a smile in the bathroom! This hungry caterpillar holds up to 4 toilet rolls and is ideal for any size and shape of bathroom.

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Toilet Roll Holder with Shelf

Bring a touch of rustic-style and industrial flair to your bathroom decor with this useful bathroom shelf and toilet paper holder. Perfect for rustic, steampunk, and industrial bathroom decors.

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Brass Basket Toilet Roll Holder

This antique brass, wall mounted toilet roll holder is an elegant addition to any vintage themed bathroom. Its circular basket design is simple to use and its a little different to the majority of toilet roll holders on the market.

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Stretching Cat Toilet Roll Holder

This whimsical stretching cat toilet roll holder fits all types of bathroom décor. Its clean and elegant look of antique finish cast iron fits even the smallest bathroom and can double up as a kitchen roll holder too.

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Double Toilet Roll Holder

This practical two roll paper holder is made of rustproof stainless steel, which ensures durability and dependability. It is handy for holding your cell phone or other things like a plant, wet wipes or liquid soap.

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Bronze Toilet Tissue Stand

This stylish freestanding bronze toilet tissue stand holds three rolls of toilet tissue and dispenses one. Its well though out design makes it great for small spaces and it is made of durable steel with a bronze finish.

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Dachshund Toilet Roll Holder

Add some doggy themed decor to your bathroom with this lovely dachshund toilet roll holder. This solid cast iron decorative dachshund holder has enough space to store two toilet rolls on his long tail.

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From refined and minimalist designs to quirkier shapes, toilet roll holders come in a range of styles. However, we wanted to be a little different when presenting you with our selections. Anyone can buy something practical from their local DIY shop but we wanted to show you something a little more unusual. Designers have created all sorts of weird and wonderful ways of holding and dispensing toilet paper, so you don't have to stick to convention if you don't want to.

With one of these featured roll holders, you can spare everyone the embarrassment of running out of tissue. More importantly, they might be all you need to liven up a dull and drab space rather than spend a small fortune on a bathroom makeover.

You can find novelty holders in various colours and shapes to bring some fun to your bathroom. Apart from their obvious functional value, these holders make a great accent piece to brighten up your space. Why not show off your tastes for the fun things in life and brighten up your bathroom?

Whether your main focus is on ease of use, functional value, a sense of humor or sheer artistry, we are sure you found a unique toilet paper holder for your bathroom. Whether its for your ensuite or your guest toilet, the allure here is hard to beat.

Maybe you want a free standing roll holder to keep the little room tidy? Or a wall mounted dispenser to supply the paper close to hand? Whatever your needs, we have you covered. Your bathroom is one of the few places in the house that you can have a bit of fun with the decor. So why not be a bit more tongue in cheek and order your perfect loo roll dispenser today!

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