GHD Platinum Styler and Air Styler Gift set

GHD Platinum Styler and Air Styler Gift set
GHD Platinum Styler and Air Styler Gift set

Treat that lovely woman to the number one best hair professional straighteners on the market – the GHD Platinum Styler – (usually retailed around £150-£190) and get a professional GHD air styler too (usually retailed around £140-£160)!

GHD platinum styler features

Theres a reason why the GHD platinum styler is the best straightners on the market. The stylers plates have predictive ultra-zone technology, which means the iron is guaranteed the perfect amount of heat across the whole plate. The wishbone shape of the stylers means perfect plate alignment .

You may have bought cheap and cheerful straighteners before, and if you have you know cheap and cheerful is normally cheap and cheerful for a reason, whether its the wonky plate’s that don’t quite touch,  a disgraceful set temperature of 200 degrees or the tacky plastic coating the straighteners.. don’t let it cloud your opinion of all stylers!

The GHD platinum has none of these features. The GHD platinum styler’s are award winning straighteners,  they are made with beautiful matte smooth shell. The shell provides Aerogel insulation; which stops the GHD platinum stylers from burning your hands after being on for a while.

Although the stylers are hot, they are NOT going to burn your hair in any way! They include Trizone technology which means the plates get heated up to the optimum styling temperature. This means your hair remains undamaged by the heat!

Predictive technology

The GHD platinum styler uses predictive technology to style and for when not in use! If your someone who is constantly leaving your straighteners on and always nearly burn the house down, then do not worry! The stylers automatically sleep mode after 30 minutes of non-use. Also do not fret! the stylers will not turn off after 30 minutes after being turned on, only after 30 minutes of non-use! The stylers are so intelligent that they predict what your hair’s optimum temperature is and they constantly adjust the temperature to keep its optimum temperature.

Universal voltage

The platinum’s include universal voltage to deliver the same amazing performance wherever you are in the world! You may well have to use an adapter but you wont have to purchase a converter to use with it.

Air styler features

Its not only the GHD platinum styler that is amazing, the air styler is just as brilliant. The hairdryer has advanced ionic technology which means the hairs electrons and ions break up water molecules so that hair can dry faster.

The Air styler consists of an 100 Watt AC motor with professional strength. There are various temperatures on the Air styler, ranging from hot to cool, and its ergonomic design makes it compatible with left and right handed people.

This set also includes a heat resistant protective plate guard so you can take your GHD platinum styler wherever you want!  Both these stylers are used in high end professional salons, any hairdresser that owns either of these has good taste in equipment, and cares about the welfare of her clients hair.

The platinum’s have a 3 years manufacturer’s guarantee and the air stylers have a 1 years manufacturer’s guarantee.

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