HBADA gaming chair

HBADA gaming chair
HBADA gaming chair

This aesthetically pleasing HBADA gaming chair, will not only light up your man/woman cave completely, but it also provides full lumbar support for those who struggle with back pains.

The ergonomic design features a unique backrest to mimic and sustain the human spine. The back of the chair manages your posture to keep your spine in alignment with the users posture and fully supports the lower back.

The chair wont need any adjustments after being set up as it comes in the best supportive position. Ensure the chair is at 90 degrees to encourage proper posture and alleviate your lower back pain.

The chair offers various forms of adjusting features, it provides you better support while sittinging for long periods of time. The arms of the chair are height adjustable and so is the lumbar support, and the headrest. 

This HBADA chair allows the gamer to recline from 90° to 135° in different situations.

The breathable fabric of the chair was designed with the air-right structure seat, allowing air flow to provide you with a cool and comfortable sitting position.  

Cool air circulates through the mesh to keep your back sweat-free and to stop the user from overheating.

The chair is incredibly easy to assemble, with no additional tools needed. The chair is easily assembled in 9 simple steps! The generous manufacturers provide spare screws, in case you lose one!

This chair is incredibly stable and durable. Its heavy duty base enables smooth and silenced rolling casters.

Please take into consideration the following features before buying:

  • The headrest is adjustable with 30 degrees rotation, and 5cm up-down wards.
  • The adjustable armrest is also height adjustable to meet your specific needs.
  • The amazing mesh, breathable fabric provides extra comfort.
  • The chair is equipped with 8 cm anti-deformation foam padding, 
  • The metal sturdy base has a 68 cm diameter with a smooth polished finish.
  • The casters on the chair are incredibly sturdy, enabling smooth rolling without any sound,
  • The wheels on this chair are coated with PU coating to protect your floor.
  • The assembled height of the chair is exactly: 44.09-47.24 inches, width: 25.6 inches, length: 25.6 inches.
  • The max Capacity this chair can hold is 330lbs.
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