J.DM Pink Kawaii gaming chair

J.DM Pink Kawaii gaming chair
J.DM Pink Kawaii gaming chair

If you know some one that likes gaming, and LOVES pink, then why not buy them the J.DM Pink Kawaii gaming chair! This adorable pink, bunny game chair is hands down, the perfect gift for any pink loving gamer girl.

The chair features cute bunny ears, a fluffy rabbit tail and beautiful pink cherry base.

The chair has an unique, adjustable height, white handrail/arm rest. Which can be customized to your own personal needs.

This adjustable, reclining computer chair can turn 360 degree round, and backwards at  90-155 degrees. It’s easy to lock into place. The height-adjustable seats and armrests makes the chair cater specifically for you.                                           

The gaming chairs ergonomic design hugs the body, and supports the back and spine of the gamer. It includes an ultra-removable backrest lumbar pad, in case you want to change your sitting position after a while.    

This is the ultimate pink princess gaming chair. And it comes with a free gift of bunny ears, a fluffy rabbit tail and a gorgeous pink mouse pad.                                                    

Professional Game Chairman: Auto Full is an international professional league, including:

WCA, LPL, and MDI authorized official sponsors. 

The brand’s make has been constantly committed to providing the ultimate gaming experience for customers worldwide. And the chairs supposedly last years!                                               

Some points to consider:

 high-quality construction,

high quality materials, 

PU leather and memory foam, 

Integrated metal frame,

international standards

explosion gas spring with smooth rolling casters

SGS4 heavy metal chassis provides a solid basis for a chair

capable of withstanding the weight of 300 pounds.                                                    

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